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My Life in Georgia: Cow Carpool and Nosy Neighbors

My Life in Georgia: Cow Carpool and Nosy Neighbors     Sometimes I wake up in my rickety old village house, surrounded by the singing of birds welcoming spring  and immediately wonder "What am I doing here?". Why am I occasionally filled with existential dread? Because I'm a 34 year old American woman mainly living in rural Georgia (the country), with three dogs. At times I feel at war with this decision but mainly I rejoice in it.      Typically I get up and take one dog at a time out for a walk, circling around the entire village which takes a grand total of 25 minutes. "Wouldn't walking them all together be more convenient?" one may wonder. It would. However, my band of miscreants have rattled the core of this usually sleepy, geriatric village. On multiple occasions they have slaughtered our neighbors' fowl, and once L.B. and I nearly lost our lives to an infuriated cow during "cow carpool". Now our walks are timed for after the local herder

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